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Are These Collecting Dust In Your Business?

What is collecting dust in your business? Here's a list of some paperwork you might want to get in order this summer.

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We are all adjusting to our new normal. When I think about this happening 50 or 100 years ago, I’m thankful we have the technology in place today to keep working and keep in communication.

5 Tips For Buying An Existing Business Or Franchise

You were scanning Craigslist or talking to a business broker and found a business you want to buy. It might be a strip mall, a salon or even a franchise opportunity. I’m sharing five tips as you navigate this very detailed process and, of course, the first step is to call an...

You Signed It, They Signed It…But What If That Didn’t Happen? Contracts 101

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I’m always surprised at the number of times someone comes to my office needing assistance because a handshake agreement went terribly wrong. Even if you think everything is going to work out perfectly fine, get it in writing.