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Mortgage Payments Piling Up? Here Are Your Options

A few years ago, I sent out a newsletter about your options when you are experiencing difficulties paying your mortgage. Because of the pandemic this past year, and recent changes in the law, I thought it was a very relevant topic to discuss once again.

Updating Business Policies In The Time of Covid-19

If you’re a business owner, it’s time to clean house (or office as it is) AND build up that house (or office) for maximum efficiency.

Be Prepared: My Recent Experience And Why Plans Must Be In Place

A sentence I didn’t think I would be typing… I had COVID-19 recently. Thankfully, I am now fine. It wasn’t an easy road though, it was tough. This virus is very real and you just never know how it will affect you. I am much better now and throwing myself back into work, but the...

Why A Home Inspection And Final Walk-Through Are So Important

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We’ve been chatting the past few months about real estate and this month we focus on the initial home inspection and the final walk-through, which is really the last chance a purchaser has before they are handed the keys.

Open — but paid off — Mortgages

Chances are, when you bought your home, the prior owner had a mortgage that had to be paid off at closing. It was duty paid, and you received your “title insurance” and the keys to your home, and all was good, until you refinanced or decided to sell. Now, your lawyer is telling...

But, It Was There When I Bought It…

I hear this phrase a lot so I wanted to discuss some important items to review before you list your home for sale. This month, and next, I am covering THREE of the biggest issues I often face when representing sellers.

How COVID-19 Affects Real Estate Contracts

We are all experiencing new ways of doing things and when buying or selling a home it’s no different. COVID-19 is now a common word we see in the contracts. If you are looking for a home or will be in the future, you are probably going to attend some open houses....

Real Estate Is HOT – Here Are A Few Ways To Stay Cool

My cat, Felix, loves to sit by our pool, but he is afraid to jump into the water. If you are Felix right now, sitting on the edge, wondering if you should jump into the real estate market - let me tell you, it might be time! Especially if you are a seller. It is YOUR market.

Preparation + Support

I’ve discussed the importance of advanced directives in the past. I still believe even if you don’t feel like you need a will, you really should have a power of attorney, health care proxy and living will in place. Unthinkable things happen, especially in this unsettling time.

Need To Know Information For Landlords, Tenants And Homeowners During COVID-19

A lot of information for tenants, landlords and homeowners. Stay up to date with newest orders and plans.