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A Basic Overview of Trusts

As part of the year’s end, we are finishing up our series on estate planning and this month we are giving you a basic overview of the different types of trusts you can utilize in your estate planning.

Changes In Life = Changes To Your Life Plan

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When I got out of law school in 1997, some classmates were talking about opening up their own offices. I thought, no way, that isn’t for me! I want to get a paycheck, save for retirement and make partner someday. I also had no plans for having a child either. Fast forward to...

Estate Planning: Wills And Advanced Directives, When Do I Need These?

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Estate planning is just as it says – it’s a plan to ensure that your wishes are implemented – how you want your estate to be divided, who should be guardian to your minor children, and your assets are protected from tax implications and Medicaid. Your home, your car,...
one year

Can you believe it has been a year?

I’m celebrating a bit over here -- it has been one year since I’ve been sending out our newsletters to you. Are you enjoying the content? I would love for you to send me feedback and let me know what topics you would like to see addressed in the future.

Buying A Home? What You Should Know About Inspections, Repairs & Contract Clauses

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You've just bought a home! Home inspection, repairs, contracts - here are a few things you should know as you go through the process.

Building A House + President Once More (June Was About My ‘Why’)

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The concept of ‘why’ played a huge role during this month for me.

Protect Your Assets Before It’s Too Late

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Protect your assets with estate planning.

Staples, Adventures And Changes + Island Vibes

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Always ensure you keep yourself informed as a business owner, landlord, etc. to stay on top of changes and new laws.

You Signed It, They Signed It…But What If That Didn’t Happen? Contracts 101

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I’m always surprised at the number of times someone comes to my office needing assistance because a handshake agreement went terribly wrong. Even if you think everything is going to work out perfectly fine, get it in writing.
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Your Mortgage Is Past Due…Do You Know Your Options?

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Anything can happen at any time and suddenly, you can’t pay your mortgage. It’s a scary thought. And it can happen to just about anyone. It's best to know your options.